What are URL parameters?

URL parameters are a way to pass information about a click through a URL.

Here’s an example of a URL with URL parameters: http://example.com?product=1234&utm_source=google URL parameters appear after a question mark symbol (?) in a URL. Each URL parameter contains two parts - a key and a value. The key and the value are separated by an equals sign (=). In the example, ‘product’ is a key and ‘1234’ is a value.

If you have multiple URL parameters, these are joined by an ampersand (&). In the example, ‘product=1234’ is the first URL parameter and ‘utm_source=google’ is the second URL parameter.

In the example, the parameter ‘product=1234’ would modify the content to show a certain product to the user. The parameter ‘utm_source=google’ would track that the user had come from Google.


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