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Last updated on Monday, October 16, 2017

Everyone and everything has a location.

The ability to perform location specific search today is crucial for any SEO tool, SEO professional, digital agency or business.

Even online businesses are dependant on location-specific data to help them make decisions.

You need to know how you or your client is positioned in the Google SERP results in any given area – perhaps you have a client looking at a multi-million dollar acquisition in previously unqualified region, or maybe you are a small business that needs to know what your competitor across town ranks for so you can make some strategic decisions.

Personalized SERP Results

Google likes to be as helpful as possible for the average searcher. Meaning that standard search results are skewed by location, previous browsing history and other elements of personalisation, making a lot of the SERP tools and SERP results “inaccurate”.

Until the end of 2015 we were able to check local search results manually in Google via the “search tools” function. But it was quietly dropped by Google – who subsequently announced that it was being removed because:

“it was getting very little usage, so we’re focusing on other features.”

The removal of this feature caused significant problems for SEO’s and businesses working with customers or clients outside of their specific area or that needed to see and test SERP results based on different locales.

Our brand new, 100% free SEO Rank Tracking tool solves the problem of being unable to get accurate, location specific, search results.

Like our popular Google Grump tool, this is another free SEO tool from AccuRankerthat enables agencies, clients and businesses alike to maximise their search engine marketing efforts through location-specific search.

Free SEO Tool for fast & accurate local rankings

With our new Live SERP Tool you can check SERP results by specific location, city or country.

The data is available on demand, up to 5 free SERP checks per day, with the search results from Google available in an instant.

Accuranker Live SERP Tool

When you have entered your keyword, country and location, simply hit the SEARCH NOW! button and you can view the SERP results as they would be shown by Google in whatever location you have chosen.

You can see the results for either Desktop or Mobile

Accuranker Live SERP Tool on Desktop

Our new free local SERP Tool is powered by the same engine as AccuRanker, so you can trust that your information is accurate, reliable and delivered fast.

Visit our free SERP Checker


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