Grow Your Business in 2020 – Rank Tracking for YouTube, Baidu & Yandex

Last updated on Friday, January 24, 2020

It’s the start of a new decade. For some it might be stressful, for others it might be a new beginning. For us at AccuRanker, it’s neither, or maybe a little bit of both.

We have a lot planned this year, and we can’t wait to share it all with you!

Our goal has always been to provide you with something that makes your work a little easier and more efficient, and that’s exactly what we’re going to do.

“So what are you going to do to help me?” you might be asking.

Well, we’re excited to announce that you can now track your keyword rankings on three new search engines – YouTube, Baidu and Yandex. Keyword rank tracking for these search engines is not widely supported, which is why we’re thrilled to bring this feature to AccuRanker.

As a part of this, we’ve enhanced the way we track YouTube videos on other search engines, so now you can monitor your keyword rankings for your entire YouTube channel, and not just individual videos.

So, if you focus on Video SEO and run a YouTube channel, or have clients in the Chinese or Eastern European markets, this update will open up a world of opportunities when it comes to your SEO.

The update is available for all users with 1000 keyword plans and up, so all you have to do is log in or create a free trial and try it out for yourself.


Make the most of the Chinese market with rank tracking on Baidu

While Google is undoubtedly the biggest search engine worldwide, it’s almost irrelevant when it comes to certain markets.

Let’s start with China. Baidu is like China’s Google, with over 61,13% share of all searches made in China, Baidu brings a whole other potential to your SEO.

There are a lot of factors that need to be considered if you or your clients want to enter the Chinese market, but the number one factor is to start monitoring your keyword performance on Baidu.

Rank tracking on Baidu is available in China, and you can choose between desktop and mobile devices. Mobile search in China is extremely popular due to the Baidu app, which has over 188 million users on a daily basis! Learn how to track your keywords on Baidu.

keyword rank tracking on Baidu


Improve your SEO with location-specific rankings on Yandex

Similar to Baidu in China, Yandex is the Russian equivalent of Google and has over 53 million monthly active users in Russia alone.

Yandex also has a noticeable market share in other countries like Belarus, Turkey, Ukraine, and Kazakhstan, making it impossible to ignore if you want to grow your business in these markets.

With this new update, you can easily track your keywords on Yandex for the countries mentioned above, on both desktop and mobile devices.

You can even get location-specific results on a city level. This is very valuable since rankings can vary greatly between regions, especially in Russia. See how you can set up rank tracking on Yandex.

keyword rank tracking on yandex


Monitor your YouTube channel’s performance in YouTube search results

YouTube, owned by Google, has over 1 billion unique users and 3 billion search queries per month, making it actually the second largest search engine in the world!

Monitoring your keyword performance within YouTube search can be difficult, and knowing where your individual videos rank in Google search just isn’t enough.

For anyone that runs a YouTube channel, whether you’re a company producing videos for existing and potential customers, or an individual creating content for entertainment, being able to fully understand your channel’s performance within YouTube search is extremely valuable.

adding keywords on youtube

This new feature allows you to monitor your entire YouTube channel for your keywords, see the top-performing YouTube videos, which YouTube channels are your top competitors and see how your performance compares to them.

YouTube rank tracking is available for any country (as long as YouTube is there, so are we).

Additionally, we’ve added all SERP features that are specifically for YouTube, so you can get even more information for your keywords.

This means you can see exactly what appears in the search results, and which features are visible for your own channel, whether it’s channels, live streams, playlists, ads and much more.


Keep track of your YouTube channel's performance in any search engine

filter for search engines

Before, if you wanted to see where a video ranked in Google, you had to create a new domain for that specific video URL. Seems like a bit of a hassle, right?

Now, instead of having multiple domains just to track specific videos, you can create a domain for your YouTube Channel URL.

This will allow us to fetch all the videos on that channel, and then identify which videos are ranking in any search engine for your keywords.

For example, if you want to track keywords for your YouTube channel in Google, you will get detailed information about which videos show up in the SERPs, which Google SERP features are available for your keywords, and which websites you are competing with.

Learn more about how to set up your YouTube channel for rank tracking and the different options you have, so you can start making the most of your Video SEO.


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