Latest Features at AccuRanker for your Enterprise SEO

Last updated on Tuesday, April 12, 2022

How Latest Features at AccuRanker can help to your Enterprise SEO

When it comes to making your website rank high on search engines organically, there's no better way to do so than with a search engine tracker. AccuRanker is well-known as a keyword rank tracking tool and is trusted by over 20,000 companies worldwide.

If you want to enhance your organic search performance, AccuRanker is the ideal choice for you. It offers a full-service keyword tracking solution at an affordable price. It also features a clean interface, making it easy to use. AccuRanker is constantly looking for new ways to improve your website's performance through keyword and SEO tracking. Thus, they have some impressive new features for customers to increase their performance on search engines like Google, Bing, and the likes.

Main Features of AccuRanker

Before moving to the new features offered by AccuRanker, let's take a quick look at the main features the software program has to offer. Here are a few of them:

Search Engine Keyword Ranking

AccuRanker can track keyword performances on Bing, Google, and other major search engines. After submitting your keyword to the software, you can see the SERP results and know your website is ranking on the engine. It makes recent and high-ranking keywords available to you to increase the website ranking organically. There are over 50 SERP features available.

Automatic Report

It's straightforward to get reports on your website and SEO ranking on AccuRanker. You can send details of progress reports with graphs and charts to clients that want to be kept apprised.

Share of Voice

AccuRanker has a unique Share of Voice feature, which shows your website's share of voice in any market or field on the search engine. It shows you how likely your prospective customers will find your website, the top 20 keywords, and that of your competitors.

Competitor Monitoring

It also helps to know your competitors' websites on the search engine, and AccuRanker makes this possible. You can compare the keywords you use to that of your competitors and check SEO performances. By knowing what your competitors are doing, you can improve your SEO strategy and use better keywords.

Automatic Monitoring

AccuRanker automatically updates the list of top-ranking keywords every 24 hours. Not only this, but they will send you a notification whenever your keywords have been updated or when a keyword has dropped in the ranking.

Data Export

You can easily import and export data from and to different file formats. You can also connect the platform Google Analytics and other integrated apps.

What's New on AccuRanker

AccuRanker has some incredible new features that would leave you impressed as you try to improve your website's SEO performance.

Keyword discovery

One impressive feature that AccuRanker has recently added to its selection is keyword discovery, which answers what keyword you should keep track of. Keyword discovery is a seo tool that allows you to view all the keywords that your domain has been indexed for. AccuRanker has an extensive database of keywords, and you can attach all or the ones you prefer to your domain and track them.

Rather than racking your brain on what keywords you should track or using the wrong keywords, you can depend on AccuRanker to get only the right keywords for you. You might also need the keyword discovery tool to expand the tracking of your website's performance. Since it's hard to find what keywords to track, you can depend on this tool.

The AccuRanker keyword discovery tool is open to everyone on the platform,paid or free users. It's available on the third tab, or you can add a domain. To add your newly discovered keywords to your domain, you need to click on the import button and add the keywords you want to track. Keep in mind that the number of keywords you can add depends on the plan you're using.

All the AccuRanker keyword discovery database keywords are gotten from real-world Google searches. The algorithm is used to find essential search phrases from Google desktop searches. The database is also extensive and increasingly growing, with over 1 billion search phrases across countries from all around the world.

Although the phrases on the keyword discovery database are gotten from Google desktop, you can still attach them to any other supported search engine like Bing, Yandex, Baidu, and YouTube. But, keep in mind that the results are for Google specifically, so other search engines might not have the exact keywords.

The keyword discovery page also updates itself constantly, so you are continually updated on new keywords. This makes it easy to reach a wider audience, as your website continually shows up on search pages. Once you sign up on AccuRanker, you can search for the keyword discovery tool.

Dynamic Tagging

AccuRanker is well-known for making it possible to track thousands of keywords, but you might wonder how that's even possible. With the dynamic tagging tool that this software recently added to its many impressive features, you can tag your keywords, group them, and create segments. These custom segments make it easier to keep track of different keywords. But why are they called dynamic tagging? These tags are considered dynamic because they can change at any time, as the keyword ranks go and up and down. The categories or rules are updated as search engine results are constantly changing.

You can make the categories of keywords and stay on top of each category, rather than keeping track of them individually. Dynamic tagging is where the customization offered by AccuRanker is possible. The feature allows you to add tags to keywords and create complex rules to track them.

For instance, if you have a website about selling a wide range of clothing, you can name one of your keywords categories' dress'. The platform will then show you all the keywords that match this tag, and you can track all of them at once.

There are different parameters available for setting rules on dynamic tagging, none of which are case-sensitive.

The most popular is the keyword, as you can use operators to filter on the keyword.

You can also set rules using the landing page URL or landing page title, allowing operators to filter the entire URL of the landing page or the title that the search engine adds to the keyword. Another way to filter these keywords is with the rank of the keyword.

You can easily differentiate between the dynamic and manual tags, as the former is orange and not gray. It is also easy to delete a dynamic tag from a particular keyword by either deleting the category that generates the tag or narrowing down the rule so that it is exempt from the category. It's also convenient to edit dynamic tagging categories or rules by clicking on the pen icon.

Organic Site Explorer

The organic site explorer is a pretty impressive and new feature on AccuRanker, which focuses on enhancing the website's organic search performance. With the organic site explorer, you are given a complete view of your entire website in the form of graphs. It makes it easy to keep track of your SEO performance on one or more websites and landing pages.

It has all the information you need about your website's SEO performance in one glance, from the number of keywords you track and those you don't track to the search volume and statistics specific to the different landing pages.

The organic site explorer also shows the missing keywords you need to track and your biggest competitors, including their landing pages.

The organic site explorer is available to all users of AccuRanker, whether they are using free or paid plans. It is also straightforward to use and comes with impressive features. For one, you can filter your search on explorer. It allows you to add new filters and use existing ones.

Another feature under the organic site explorer is the dynamic competitor's page, which shows your competitors with the most high-ranking keywords.

It offers you your top 10 competitors, the most matching landing pages, and how many top keywords these websites are tracking.

By knowing what your competitors are tracking, you can stay on top of them and increase your organic search performance.

The organic site explorer has circular graphs which are easy to read and come in different colors and designs.

It also shows you which keywords you track and don't track on landing pages.

If you're having trouble keeping track of your website's SEO performance, you can look out for the newly added organic site explorer on AccuRanker.

Check It Out Today!

You can get the most from AccuRanker while tracking SEO and keyword performance, especially when you look out for their new features. Keep your eyes peeled, as AccuRanker is always looking for ways to update its software to improve your SEO tracking. You can look forward to the keyword discovery tool, dynamig tagging, and organic site explorer tools. If you're unsure about using AccuRanker, you can first check out their demo version to learn how to use it and make trial by sign up on AccuRanker Homepage.

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