8 ways to use graphics in your content marketing

Last updated on Friday, November 10, 2023

Ways to use graphics in your content marketing

Do you know that visuals get processed 60,000 times quicker than text? Well, this indicates that graphics rule in content marketing!! People are visual creatures--they tend to focus more on content that is pleasing to the “eye.” Thus, they are quickly drawn to graphics that keep (and capture) their attention!

So, how can you use graphics in your content marketing efforts? Read on to learn more below;

What are the benefits of graphics in content marketing?

Types of Visual Content
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One essential thing to note is that there are different types of graphics (Visual Content) that you can use. They include;

  • GIFs

  • Photos

  • Videos

  • Slideshows

  • Infographics

  • Graphs

  • Ebooks

  • Memes

  • Screenshots

  • Webinars

These graphics play an essential role in content marketing. The visuals enable content marketers to accrue several benefits. These benefits ensure that over 50% of marketers use visuals in over “91% of their content.’

So, what are the benefits of graphics in content marketing?

They enhance engagement

Benefits of graphics in content marketing
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One of the main benefits of graphics in content marketing is that it enhances your audience’s engagement. Whether you want to engage your customers or the employees, content marketing is the best way to do it.

The graphics that are used in content marketing stimulate your target audience’s “emotions, imaginations, and curiosity.”

Also, they invite your ‘target audience’ to interact with your content by “sharing, zooming, scrolling, and clicking.” Research shows that visual content is 40* more likely to be shared on social media! It is because these graphics provoke an audience’s response!!

Along with engaging customers, it is equally important to engage your employees to have a happy and productive team. With the help of HRMS platforms you can involve your employees into content marketing.

You can ask relevant questions from your employees, do a survey with them, convert them into graphics and then post the results on social media. It will help your team feel valued and motivated.

They reduce the bounce rate

A high bounce rate signifies the ineffectiveness of your marketing strategy!! Thus, one way to overcome this ‘in-effectiveness’ is to use graphics. Note that visuals, such as memes, graphs, and charts’ increase the readability of your content. Also, they make your content more captivating to the target audience, which leads to a reduced bounce rate!!

They promote SEO optimization

Graphics play an essential role in optimizing your content for search engines!! They can enhance your content’s traffic, visibility, and ranking by adding;

  • Captions

  • Alt text

  • Metadata

  • Keywords

They are more memorable

Graphics are more memorable than texts!! Research shows that individuals can recall ‘65% of visual content’ three days after seeing the content. This memorability of graphics enhances brand awareness.

They can strengthen your brand identity

Graphics can play a critical role in strengthening your brand identity. They can express your brand’s;

  • Personality

  • Values

  • Mission

  • Vision

Also, they can ensure that you;

  • Build trust and reputation

  • Develop loyalty and recognition

  • Differentiate your brand from your competitors

  • Reinforce your content’s goal, meaning, and message

They influence human emotion

Graphics play an essential role in eliciting strong emotional responses from individuals. Note that emotion and visual information are processed in that same part of the brain, ensuring they both “generate memories.”

In addition, graphics can shape human perception and behavior. So, leveraging these graphics in marketing campaigns ensures you can influence the ‘intended audience’s perception of your services and products!!’

Top 8 ways to use graphics in your content marketing strategy

One thing that you need to do is to employ “proper techniques” while using different graphic designs in your “content marketing strategy.’ This proper use of graphics can increase the success rate of your content marketing strategy.

But what is the best way to use graphics in ‘content marketing’? Below is a list of the top 8 ways you can do this;

#1. Use high-quality images and photos to attract attention

Importance of visual content

Source: Digital School of Marketing (DSM)

The type of visual content you use in your marketing strategy matters significantly!! One thing to note is that photos and images are among the primary reasons individuals spend hours on specific platforms.

Furthermore, they are the first things individuals notice when visiting a blog post. Research shows “90% of information that the brain transmits is visuals!! Thus, if you incorporate images in your content, ensure they are high-quality, relevant, and attractive. The high-quality visual content leads to a 650* higher engagement than text-only content.

#2. Use graphs and charts to convey numerical information

You can draw graphs and charts that represent numerical data effectively. One thing that you should note is that the human brain processes graphs and charts faster than a wall of numbers.

Furthermore, these graphs and charts do a phenomenal job of conveying information. In many industries, charts can be used to simplify ‘multi-step procedures! They make it easy for the mind to understand how one action relates to another.

In addition, you can use graphs and charts to convey statistical reports and research findings. The best way to convey these reports and findings is by combining the following;

  • Pie charts

  • Histograms

  • Line graphs

#3. Use illustrations and drawings to convey educational information

Illustrations and drawings, such as manga, cartoons, and comics, play an essential role in content marketing. They allow content marketers to share educational information more quickly than text content.

Note that illustrations and drawings can be used to communicate a dull topic in a more interesting manner. These “illustrations and drawings” add personality to your content! Also, they have the benefit of being highly evocative, creative, and imaginative.

Another essential thing to note is that you can use illustrations and drawings when real-life photos do not do justice to the message you want to communicate. Or when real-life images are complicated/expensive to create!!

#4. Include infographics to depict information in an easily digestible manner

Infographics play an essential role in conveying complex information in an easily digestible way. They ensure you can “break down processes and concepts into visual content that is easy to digest!!

Note that your infographics should tell a story that compels your target audience to take action. This compelling story will ensure that your infographics are highly shareable and traffic-driving!! Research shows that 38% of B2B buyers frequently share infographics on social media!

Other things to note are that;

  • The type of infographics you use should be relevant to your audience.

  • If you source infographics from another site, ‘attribute the original developer.’

  • Use high-quality infographics

#5. Align the graphics with your content marketing strategy

Posting a graphic online and waiting for offers to begin is not a content marketing strategy. This content marketing strategy requires you to employ a ‘compelling rationale.’ A compelling rationale will ensure you have a clear plan for turning views into successful marketing results.

Thus, you need to ensure that you “align the graphics with your content marketing strategy.” The best way you can do this is by answering the following questions;

  • What is the goal of your graphics?

  • What issues does your company solve?

  • Who are your target audience?

  • What kind of content experience interests your target audience?

  • How can you use graphics in a visually consistent way?

  • How can you use graphics to communicate your brand’s image?

Another thing that you can do to ensure your ‘graphics align with your content marketing strategy’ is to let the audience preference guide;

  • The selection of themes

  • The selection of approaches

  • The selection of topics

#6. Use captions and quotations to make images more relevant

Captions and quotations make your visuals more relevant!! They also ensure that your graphics become more captivating. Thus, consider adding the following captions to your images;

  • Name of places

  • Memorable taglines

  • Catchy one-liners

  • For quotations, make sure you focus on;

  • Customer testimonials

  • Blog snippets

  • Insights

  • Humor

  • Statistics

  • Educational information

  • Leaders

  • Industry trends

Another thing to note is that the use of captions and quotations in your graphics provides the following benefits;

  • They ensure that the content is easy to consume.

  • They arouse an emotional response from your target audience.

  • They increase the success rate of your marketing objectives.

#7. Experiment with GIFs to entertain your audience

GIFs can be beneficial visual content that will help you entertain your audience!! The best is that you can use them in various ways. One way you can use a GIF is to show how data shifts over time.

This GIF will ensure your audience is entertained and informed about a specific subject matter. Note that ‘GIFs’ are more engaging and easily digestible than static images. Also, you can use GIFs to offer a preview of your downloadable offers, such as templates or ebooks.

#8. Be smart about your formatting

Smart formatting goes a long way in ensuring that your content is reader-friendly!! One thing to note is that 81% of readers skim through online content.

Thus, you must make it easy for people to do just that!! Ensure your graphics are clear with concise headers to help them discover the pieces that interest them.

Also, use your graphic’s colors strategically. Note that colors can have varying impacts on individuals. So, it is essential that you use them in the right way when communicating your content’s message.

Final Word

Graphics make it easy for companies to market their products or services. It is because people are more drawn to visuals than text messages alone. These graphics help businesses to convey information easily, build brand awareness, and increase engagement.

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