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Cody Arsenault, Web Performance Advocate

AccuRanker helps us save time, track our results, and make informed decisions about how to move our keywords up in the SERPs. There`s no other tool that offers the same important features for keyword tracking that AccuRanker does.

The company

KeyCDN is a high-performance content delivery network (CDN). Built for the future with cutting-edge feature support, KeyCDN’s global network helps supercharge websites to deliver content faster.

The challenge

KeyCDN’s solutions prior to using AccuRanker offered no way to track the performance of keywords over time. Whenever a change was made to an article, there was no clear documentation process to understand what change was made, and when.

Furthermore, there was no ‘easy-to-find’ analytics that displayed whether or not a change had a positive or negative effect for them in SERPs.

The solution

KeyCDN decided to use AccuRanker because they needed to track keyword ranking changes more effectively, while also getting a detailed view of how their keywords performed in terms of rank and volume.

The ability to see an overview of rank changes for a specific keyword over time gave them a great insight into the results of their SEO strategy.

KeyCDN needed a solution where they could add notes to certain keywords in order to create reminders of modifications that had been made on particular dates. So, whenever they wanted to make a change or update to an article, it was possible to see changes that had already been made, and whether the results were positive or negative.

The result

By being able to properly track changes in keyword rankings, KeyCDN were able to move many of their keywords onto the first page of Google. It was easy to spot whether changes to content, or external marketing efforts had a positive effect in SERPs via graphs.

Previously, KeyCDN tried generating Google Analytics reports and analysing data in a spreadsheet. However the large amount of data can be overwhelming, meaning that data is presented in an unorganised way. AccuRanker helps save hours of time by taking care of the exporting, structuring and analysing of reports so KeyCDN could quickly start analysing results to plan the next keyword update.

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