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The company

KeyCDN is a high-performance content delivery network (CDN). Built for the future with cutting-edge feature support, KeyCDN´s global network helps supercharge websites to deliver content faster.


The challenge

KeyCDN´s main challenge before using Accuranker was that their existing solutions provided them with no way to track the performance of keywords over time. 

Whenever a change was made to an article, there was no clear documentation process of what change was made and when that change was made. 

Furthermore, there was no "easy-to-find" analytics that displayed whether or not a change had a positive or negative effect for them in the SERPs.

The solution

KeyCDN decided to use Accuranker because they needed to track keyword ranking changes much more effectively as well as get a detailed view of where their keywords currently stood in terms of rank and volume. 

Having the ability to see an overview of the rank changes for a specific keyword over time gave them great insight into the result of their SEO strategy. 

KeyCDN needed a solution where they could add notes to certain keywords in order to create reminders of what was modified on a particular date. Therefore, whenever they wanted to make a change or update to an article, they could easily see what was already done and if it worked or not.

The result

Through being able to properly track the keywords rank changes, they were able to move many of them to the first page. The fact that all of the keyword ranks were automatically updated and plotted on a historical graph made it easy to correlate article updates or outside marketing efforts with positive movement in the SERPs. 

Previously, KeyCDN tried generating Google Analytics reports and analyzing data in a spreadsheet. However, this quickly becomes overwhelming as so much data was presented in an unorganized manner. Accuranker helped save hours of time as there's no longer a need to export reports, structure them properly, and analyze them. AccuRanker allowed to skip many of the time-consuming tasks and jump directly into analyzing the results to plan the next keyword update.

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