Last updated on Wednesday, April 24, 2024

The dashboard is your centralized hub for monitoring and analyzing your SEO performance and  provides a comprehensive overview of your data, making it quick and simple to understand vast amounts of information at a glance. Using the filter bar, you can zoom into specific data subsets, as all data will change to reflect only the keywords in the current filtering.

The dashboard is divided into two main sections: Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) and Widgets. Each section is designed to provide specific insights into your performance, from a broad overview to detailed analytics.


Customize your Dashboard

You can easily drag & drop to arrange your dashboard layout to fit your preference. By adding or removing KPI’s and widgets, you can tailor the dashboard to your needs. Both KPIs and Widgets can be removed from the options menu located in the top right corner.

Add KPI's

To add more KPI’s, simply click the “+ Add KPI” button located on the bottom left of the KPI bar.


Add Widgets

You can add additional by clicking the “+ Add Widget”  button that is found in the empty space between the widgets, or from the “Available Widgets” found in the bottom of the dashboard.


Key Performance Indicators (KPIs)

The KPI widgets are at the forefront of the dashboard and highlight crucial data points. These widgets show numerical data and indicate trends, showing whether metrics are moving upwards or downwards over your selected date range (in the top right corner). By default, six key metrics are displayed: Keywords, Average Rank, AI Traffic Value, AI Share of Voice, Above the Fold & Average CTR.


Beyond KPIs, the AccuRanker dashboard offers various widgets that provide a visual representation of your data. From the options menu in the top right corner of each widget, you can download the widget as an image or, in some cases, download the data directly as a CSV file.

Your own domain is consistently represented in orange across all charts, while competitors are denoted with consistent colors and display names.

By default, the following widgets are enabled: AI Share of Voice, Average Rank, Dynamic Top 10 Competitors, Top AI Winners/Losers, Ranking Distribution, Search Intent, Organic Traffic, Search Trend, & Competitors.

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Elevate your visibility, elevate your business

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