Filtering Keywords

Last updated on Tuesday, December 21, 2021

AccuRanker’s advanced filtering options can be used to identify, select and delete groups of keywords from the keyword list

Filtering in AccuRanker is powerful and easy to use. Whether you need to find specific keywords – or are doing keyword research – filters can help you get exactly what you are looking for.

How do I use filters in AccuRanker?

Each column in your keywords list includes filters at the top. This means you can filter keywords to search for certain options, for example specific SERP features.

For numeric values, such as search volume or rankings, you can choose between values that are lower or higher than the one you’ve selected.


Filters apply to the overview and when downloading reports if they haven’t been reset.

Creating Segments

Each filter you add is listed at the top of the page. AccuRanker then lets you save these as segments for later use. This is useful if there are a set of features that you plan on using regularly.

Commonly used filters in AccuRanker

Search volume above X

Helps to identify keywords with high search traffic volumes.

Ranks between 4-10

Helps figure out which keywords are close to the top rankings.

Filtering for Tags

If you have tagged your keywords, you can also filter the keywords list to include certain tags. Read more about tags here.

Filtering for SERP features in the Ranks column

Find out if some keywords can target SERP features like: local results, featured snippets, and more.

How do I sort my keywords in AccuRanker?

Sorting through keywords is simple. Just click on the column to sort and select specific data points.

Want to stay up to date with your most important keywords? Learn how to star your keywords to receive notifications.

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