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Last updated on Friday, April 21, 2023

How does AccuRanker Gather Search volume?

When conducting keyword research, having access to accurate search volume data is essential. At AccuRanker, we gather search volume data from multiple sources to provide you with the most reliable information.

For keywords on Google and Bing, we obtain our search volume data directly from the Google Ads Keyword Planner and the Bing Ads Keyword Planner on a monthly basis. For other search engines, our algorithms use multiple parameters to estimate search volume, as there are no officially released numbers to report.

What is the Search Volume displayed in the keyword list?

The search volume displayed on our keyword list is our best estimate of the monthly search volume. We show the de facto standard 12-month average provided by the keyword planners or the estimated values from the algorithms.

Where do I Find Monthly Historic Search Volume?

To identify search trends during specific seasons, we offer historical monthly search volume data for keywords. Simply click on the search volume number in the table on the keyword list to expand the table and access the historical data.

What is the Local vs Country-Based Search Volume?

Depending on how you want to report on search trends, you can customize your search volume data to show either local or country search volume for keywords on Google. For even more detailed data, you can get location-based search volume at the city level to strengthen your local SEO efforts. For example, if you are tracking the keyword “nice men shoes” you can perform that search in a specific location, such as London, UK, and view search volume and related metrics for that location or for the entire United Kingdom. By default, newly created domains follow the account settings that display local search volume. However, you can configure the settings for both domains and at the account level in the domain and account settings, respectively. We have stored both local and country search volume, so you can switch back and forth and the setting will be applied immediately to historical metrics.

How to enable/disable local search volume data?

To change the settings for how search volume and related data are reported throughout the AccuRanker platform, go to either the Account page or the individual domain settings pages. Settings can be configured for individual domains or for the entire account. Below are instructions on how to change the settings for a domain.

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