Aggregated Top 10 Competitors

Last updated on Tuesday, December 21, 2021

Why does AccuRanker offer a top competitors list?

AccuRanker’s top 10 aggregated competitor list lets you see exactly who the competition is for those all-important rankings. AccuRanker pulls together the top ten competitors for all of your keywords, and merges it into one list.

Here you have an overview of the ‘weight’ system. This gives you an idea of who is most visible in the top rankings for your keywords.

Weighting points are awarded by:

Rank 1 = 10 Points

Rank 2 = 9 Points

Rank 3 = 8 Points

Rank 4 = 7 Points

Rank 5 = 6 Points

Rank 6 = 5 Points

Rank 7 = 4 Points

Rank 8 = 3 Points

Rank 9 = 2 Points

Rank 10 = 1 Point

Can I see the amount of keywords that are available at each rank?

Simply select the competitor in question and hover your mouse over the rank to get an exact number of keywords (See picture above).

Want more data on your competitors? Learn more about how to use the Competitor tab in AccuRanker.

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