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Why use notifications in AccuRanker?

Notifications are handy as they let you know about any significant changes in keyword rankings. Marking these keywords with a ‘star’ enables you to receive notifications for them.

You can see how many notifications you have for each domain in the Dashboard view. AccuRanker also lets you click on these to jump into the overview and see the specific changes.

Setting up Notifications

Marking these keywords with a “star” enables you to receive notifications for them.

At the bottom of the Overview Page, you can see notifications when any of the following takes place:

  • Rank changes for starred keywords
  • Change or movement on highly ranked keywords
  • A keyword that was previously unranked becomes ranked
  • If a keyword that was previously ranked becomes unranked

Notifications for preferred URLs

When a keyword isn’t ranking for the correct URL, it may be because visitors aren’t finding the content they are looking for.

This can lead to low page views, reduced time spent on page, and a high bounce rate resulting in a decline in rankings.

  • Preferred URL – If a keyword linked to the correct landing page
  • Preferred URL – If a keyword unlinked from the correct landing page.


Green indicates a positive change and red indicates a negative change.

A green eye icon indicates a jump into the top 100, and a red eye icon means the keyword has fallen out of the top 100, so is no longer being tracked.

Learn how to filter your keywords list to only show star marked keywords.

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