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As the top search engine in the world, Google accounts for about 75% of all internet search queries. Needless to say, it’s imperative that your business score a high rank on Google’s search engine results page—also known as its SERP. A SERP is generated when users seek web page results using specific keywords, and the higher you place, the more traffic you’ll get. How do you know where your website is ranking on Google, though? The easiest way to garner this information is to use a Google SERP checker that registers the ranking of your website based on its target keywords. Knowing your Google ranking is one of the first steps in getting the traffic you want for your site.

An effective Google SERP checker will measure a number of metrics and generate its results based on this information. There are countless factors that determine the exact ranking and traffic your site will receive, and a good SERP checker will identify how Google rates all of them. Some of the metric variables to take into consideration when checking your Google SERP include the following:

  • Keyword traffic projections

Sometimes a particular keyword doesn’t generate SERP results to your expectations, but a SERP checker can project any factors which might cause keyword relevancy to shift. Even if your chosen keywords aren’t currently getting the best results, you should pay attention to SERP projections for Google rankings.

  • Mobile vs. desktop ranking

There is typically a disparity between the ranking your keywords will garner on your mobile site versus your desktop site. The same is true of search queries. Google users who make a mobile search will likely see a different rank for your site than those who search on a desktop browser.

  • Rank difficulty

Some keywords, especially more common ones, are particularly difficult to achieve a desirable ranking with. A Google SERP checker that identifies keyword difficult can help you adjust your objectives and keywords as needed.

SERP Checker – Check Google and Bing SERP Positions

Google isn’t the only search engine. Plenty of users will also search for your target keywords using sites such as Bing, Yahoo, and A good SERP checker will measure metrics for these sites, too, to see where you’re ranking in their results. SERP checkers measure your website’s search engine optimization, also known as its SEO. When you optimize your website for a search engine, using SEO strategies, you’re aiming to boost your SERP ranking, too. You need to know how effective your SEO and keywords are across all search engines, not just Google.

Different search engines generate results based on different variables. Google, to a greater extent than many other search engines, attempts to personalize results. This means that a Google search might rank your web site based on the user’s previous search queries and click-throughs. Many of these variables cannot be accurately predicted by a SERP, which is why it’s important to get metrics from search engines other than Google. A SERP checker should be able to generate ranking data for several search engines as well as information explaining the reason for your ranking on each. This allows you to compare and contrast your SEO performance across multiple search engines, thus getting a better idea of how different users are seeing your site in search results.

In addition to some elements of personalization, search engines generate their results based on IP location, language of query, and the type of device being used. A SERP generates is analyses based on these factors, too, so that you can see what SEO strategies are working best and which you may need to adjust for better ranking results. All of this makes a SERP checked one of the most powerful tools in your arsenal when you’re trying to boost traffic to your web site and attract more attention to your business.

Best SERP Checker Online

Using a SERP checker online is simple. Simply enter the keywords you’ve based your SEO on and your domain, if applicable, and an online checker will generate an analysis of your website’s ranking. This makes it easy to see exactly where you rank amongst competitors and project what needs to be done in order to improve your ranking. A few of the strategies most commonly used to rank higher on search engines and SERPs include the following:

  • Choose better keywords

Keywords are indeed one of the most important aspects of determining search engine ranking. If you choose keywords that are obscure or not directly relevant to your website’s content, you won’t achieve a very high ranking.

  • Consistently update content

Websites that have outdated and rarely updated content are automatically ranked lower than those with fresh, relevant updates. Invest in blogs or other consistent content updates to achieve a higher rank.

  • Utilize metadata

Metadata is the information embedded in your website’s coding that describes its contents and indicates its relevant keywords. Improving your page’s metadata can greatly improve its ranking on search engines.

It’s not uncommon to use a SERP checker and realize that your website is ranked several spots below that of your competitors’. A SERP checker won’t magically put you at the number one ranking for your target keyword, but it will give you the insight you need to get closer. The ranking of your website is one of the most powerful tools you have for garnering business and earning return customers, and with the resources of an online SERP checker, you can achieve your site’s optimal ranking.

SERP Checker Tool

Once you’ve used a SERP checker tool to identify your ranking across multiple search engines, you need a strategy for improving it. Snagging the top spot isn’t necessarily imperative to the success of your business, but having effective metadata is. What is metadata and how does it impact the ranking of your website? As is briefly explained above, metadata is text that appears within the code of your site and explains what users will find on the page. There are several different kinds of metadata, with the following three being the most common:

  • Meta Title

Your website’s meta title is the title that appears in actual search engine results and at the top of the page in a browser. An effective meta title will briefly indicate the website’s contents and name and be between 50 and 60 characters.

  • Meta Description

A meta description appears below a meta title in search engine results, and at about 155 characters, it should give a brief synopsis of the exact content included on the page and include a call to action that encourages users to click through and view the site.

  • Meta Tags

Unlike a meta title and meta description, meta tags are not immediately visible to website visitors. Instead, they are included in the code of the page and indicate the keywords that are most relevant to the content included on your website.

How is all of this relevant to a SERP checker tool? A SERP checker will be able to analyze the effectiveness of your metadata and how it is impacting your rank. A checker can, for example, tell you your rank across several search engines based on the keywords you are testing for. If you achieve lower rankings with certain keywords, you can strategically revise your meta tags to use more advantageous keywords and thus achieve a higher ranking.

SERP Keyword Checker

Keywords don’t only appear in your metadata. They’ll appear throughout your content, too, and make your page easy to find for potential clients and site visitors. You need to have keywords in several key spots throughout the content of your website. Frequently updating the content of your website is one of the most effective ways to boost its SERP ranking, and this is especially true when you use relevant keywords throughout text that is consistently updated on your website. A SERP checker will specifically identify the ranking of your website based on the target keywords you enter.

This makes it an indispensable resource for understanding which keywords are performing well for you and which ones are not generating the traffic you’d like. Some SERP checkers even include additional analyses such as keyword forecasts, though, that give you an idea of the projected traffic you can expect from certain keywords over time. There are a few key features that all effective keywords should have in order to attain optimal SEO and maximize both the traffic and SERP ranking your website achieves.

The first key feature of an effective SERP keyword is brevity. Most search engine users will enter a phrase such as “plumber Los Angeles” rather than “where can I find the best plumber for clogged pipes in Los Angeles.” As such, the former is a better keyword than the latter. Both, though, feature another important factor: location. This is particularly relevant for local brands and services, but location can be a useful feature for SEO keywords anywhere. Lastly, you need to strike a balance between general and specific. This is tricky, but it is important to target a niche that you can dominate without alienating any potential website visitors.

SERP Position Checker

A SERP position checker is one of the most valuable tools for giving you the data you need in order to optimize your website effectively for search engine recognition. Some of the most important pieces of information a SERP checker should provide include the following:

  • Keyword performance

Keywords are one of the most essential tools in boosting your SERP rank. A checker should give you the ability to see which keywords are performing the best for your website.

  • Search by region

Because SERP rankings are largely dependent upon where a search originates from, a SERP checker should give you the ability to search by region when analyzing results and rankings.

  • Domain assessment

Many SERP checkers also provide an assessment of your domain’s impact on your rank. This can help you identify an opportunity to shift to a more advantageous URL if your current one isn’t SEO-friendly.

With all of this information, you might think that your website’s SERP position is the be all end all in determining your success. Of course, SERP position is a major component, but it’s just one part of the big picture. Other factors such as social media marketing and word of mouth are also integral in helping your website garner the traffic you want to see.

SERP Rank Checker

A SERP checker ultimately tells you about your rank in a search engine’s results. Because there are different search engines, different variables, and different users accessing these results, a SERP cannot identify the universal ranking. There is no universal ranking for any one website, but a SERP can give you a good idea of where you rank in comparison to your competitors and how well your chosen keywords are generating traffic for you. This information is vital to understanding your SERP position and its impact on your website.

Aforementioned factors such as metadata, keywords, and user personalization all determine your SERP rank. One of the other factors that can boost your position, though, is sponsored results. A SERP checker’s ranking of your position might reveal that you’re stuck on page two of results. Many users won’t find you when you’re ranked so low, but investing in a sponsored position can solve this problem. Most search engines, including Google, allow you to sponsor the placement of your website in search results. This gives you the chance to get a higher placement than you would otherwise achieve.

Of course, opting for a sponsored position does not generate the organic traffic you might be interested in. A SERP position checker allows you to regularly assess your position across a range of search engines so that you can decide whether or not you want to invest in such an option. Your site’s rank on a SERP is determined by a combination of intersecting factors, so keeping tabs on its fluctuations is the best way to consistently stay on top.

Use a SERP checker that gives you the ability to easily monitor ranking and keyword performance at any time. Boost your traffic and improve your bottom line with the resources and analyses a SERP checker provides.

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