Due to popular demand, we've made a video based on how we do our walkthroughs for new and existing customer. 

If you can, we recommend taking an online walkthrough with one of our Customer Success Managers, as it provides a far better experience overall. However, if this is not an option, this video can still help you get familiar with AccuRanker quickly. 

Time Stamps:

1:10 Adding Domains
1:50 Adding Keywords
5:36 Dashboard
5:50 Share of Voice (Explanation)
7:15 Ranking Distribution
8:50 Domain Overview
9:45 Share of Voice (Domain Overview)
12:25 Top Competitors
15:11 Winners & Losers
15:45 Notifications
17:05 Filters and Segments (Keywords List)
20:10 Table Settings (Customize Columns)
20:39 Tags
22:10 Keyword History
23:40 Preferred URLs
25:45 Keyword Updating (Automatic and Manually)
26:30 Competitor Tab (Add and Delete Competitors)
27:50 Competitor Rankings
28:35 Landing Pages
29:40 Tag Cloud


31:15 Downloading Reports
32:27 Setting Up Scheduled Reports
34:15 Creating Report Templates

AccuRanker offers a free 14-day trial and our plans have no strings attached. If you are curious about the subscription, click here.

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