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How does including subdomains impact my rankings in AccuRanker?

As described in the article about adding a new domain, you have the option of excluding or including Subdomains.

The option looks like this:

There is no right or wrong option here, as it all depends on how the domain is set up.

For example, Facebook uses Subdomains to indicate a certain country: 

Mobile users are directed to : 

When looking at in AccuRanker, ranking positions are only returned when the setting “include subdomains” is set to “on”.

The two images below illustrate the differences in AccuRanker:

  1. is added to AccuRanker without including subdomains. Rankings for traffic directed to subdomains are not found.

2. is added to AccuRanker including subdomains. Suddenly all rankings are available.

This means the decision on whether or not to include subdomains depends on the technical setup of the site.

In some cases, areas of sites are located on subdomains such as In these cases, this can be rank checked separately in AccuRanker.

This can be setup when adding the domain, or by changing the domain settings, later.

Read more about how to change Domain Settings

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Including Subdomains / How to include subdomains in AccuRanker
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