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After you’ve created a group in your account, it’s time to add your domain.

AccuRanker lets you add an unlimited number of domains. This is particularly useful if you need to track your website’s domains across different countries, or if you’re an agency managing SEO for multiple clients. 

How do I add a Domain in AccuRanker?

Step 1)

On the left of the main menu, click the “Domains” tab and select “Add Domain“. 

Step 2)

Complete the information in the Add Domain window.

Domain name – Enter a path that can be found (don’t include https:// or www).

Display name – This is the name that will be allocated when working with data. If you are working with lots of different domains then it’s important to give a display name that is easily differentiated.  

Default search locale – Choose the location (country) where you want to track your keyword rankings. 

Belongs to Group – Allocate your domain to a group.

Local Results (Optional) Here you can enter your Google Business Name. Adding this will let AccuRanker find the ranking data, even when Google doesn’t include a link to the local results on the SERP. 

Advanced Settings

Include subdomains – Check this box if you want to include results from any sub domains.

Exact match – Check this box to include results where the URL that is found is an exact match to what is entered in “domain name”.

Default location – This should only be used if you target a specific area. Bing only supports locations in the US.

Click “Add Domain” to finalise all your preferences and add the domain to AccuRanker. 

Can I edit a domain in AccuRanker?

You can edit your domains in the Domain overview section.

To do this, click on the Domain that you want to edit and select the pencil icon to bring up the editing options. 

Now that you know everything about adding domains, the next step is to start adding some keywords

AccuRanker offers a free 14-day trial and our plans have no strings attached. Take a look at our various subscription options.

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