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Before you can start adding domains and keywords to your AccuRanker account, you have to create a group.

Groups are especially helpful if you have multiple domains to track and make it easier to organise your account. This guide explains how to add and delete groups. 

How do I add a group in AccuRanker?

Step 1)

Go to Groups tab on the left hand side, and select the Add Group button.

Step 2)

Simply type in the Group name, and confirm by clicking “Save”.

How can I delete a group in AccuRanker? 

Step 1)

Go to the Group overview and select the “Delete” option. This is marked with a ‘trash bin’ on the far-right of the listed domain.

Step 2)

Once you’ve clicked delete you’ll have to wait three seconds to make sure you aren’t making a mistake. If you’re sure, simply click “Delete group” to confirm.

Next step is to start adding domains to your account.

, Adding and Deleting Groups
Adding and Deleting Groups / How to add and delete groups in AccuRanker
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, Adding and Deleting Groups


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