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What is AJAX? - Accuranker

AJAX stands for Asynchronous JavaScript and XML. This is a set of web development techniques which allows data to be sent and received in…

What is an Alt tag - Accuranker

The alt tag, also known as "alt attribute," and "alt description", is an HTML attribute applied to images as a text alternative for search…

What is an Absolute Link? - Accuranker

A link can be absolute or relative. An absolute link shows the full URL of the page being linked, whereas a relative link only shows the…

What is an Algorithm? - Accuranker

The algorithm is a complex computer program used by search engines to extract data and deliver results for a query. Search engines use a…

What is an Anchor text - Accuranker

Anchor text is the text in a hyperlink. Anchor text should be relevant to the page you are linking to rather than just scattering it on any…

What is Above the fold? - Accuranker

Above the fold refers to the webpage content that the user sees initially on their screen before they scroll down.

What is Authority - Accuranker

Authority refers to the signal search engines use to assess web pages and websites for ranking purposes.

What is API? - Accuranker

API stands for Application Programming Interface. An API is a piece of software which allows two applications to talk to each other. An…

What is Async? - Accuranker

Async is short for ‘asynchronous’, which means ‘at the same time’. In web development, it means that when a page is loading, the browser…

What is AMP? - Accuranker

AMP stands for Accelerated Mobile Pages. AMP is an open-source, stripped-down form of HTML which allows pages to load very quickly on mobile…

What are Advanced Search Operators? - Accuranker

Advanced search operators are special characters which you can type into the search bar to narrow your search results to those that include…
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